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FAQ for ShakeShotSelfDefense:

Q. What is the purpose of the software?
A. Provides a tool for defending your self from being an illegal offense victim.

Q. What special about the application?
A. You can send mms, Email with photo you just took plus your current GPS location. You can send out scaled photo as small as you want. You can shoot a photo in a few seconds, without phone screen on, no need any key, just use motions with only a single hand while you can use your other hand doing other stuffs.

Q. Can ShakeShotSelfDefense repeat taking photos?
A. Yes, ShakeShotSelfDefense can has multiple instants, so you can take as many pictures as the phone can bear.

Q. Can ShakeShotSelfDefense view photos it self?
A. Yes, Just pick a content provider and select a image for ShakeShotSelfDefense to view it, magnify it and move it around to view all or part of the magnified image.

Q. Who should use it?
A. People who go out at night, delivery man, lady in unsafe places, people under threatening and people who are lost,  all suitable to use it. Besides the software specialty, everyone can use it like a common camera software.

Q. If  my new images not show up, can ShakeShotSelfDefense help?
A. Yes, just copy the images to ShakeShotSelfDefense's photo folder which is in your sdcard and use ShakeShotSelfDefense to view them.

You can change the background to what the button shown to suit your preference.

User Manual

Table of content

How to setup contact_mail?

How to send your recent taken photo?

How to attache your current GPS location on your mail?

How to use default settings?

How to take a photo?

How to select a flash mode?

How to switch cameras? 

How to  cancel a Shake_Shot triggered snap?

How to make Shake_Shot snap choices?

How to stop camera preview?

How to view photos?

How to shrink mail attached photo?

Description of other preferences

Save battery tips

How to set the Service Life

Menu > Preferences > go to Contact and Mail; Click [Add/Edit Contact & Mail] button
You can enter contact manually or you can pick it from your contacts by click on [Pick Contact] button(if Email address is not in the contact you picked, you can pick it when you are ask for it).
You can save your input data as spare by click [Save as Spare] button. You can swap your data with spare data by click the [Swap with Spare] button. You also can use spare data by click the [Use Spare] button. The present of the spare data is for your convenience; You can save a lot of data in it and then copy from it in later times.


First setup contact_mail, then check [Enable to send with sms and mms] checkbox and/or [Enable to send with Email] checkbox in the Preferences page you can select it from Menu. Now, when you take a photo, you will prompt to send the mail with the photo attached.


Menu > Preferences > check [Put current GPS location on mail] checkbox; Now, when you send out mms and/or Email, current GPS location will automatically attache to them.


You can make all your setting to default by click the [Use Default] button which is located at the end of the Preferences page. When you click the [Use Default] button you will be also ask for your approve of setting the Contact and Mail to default.


you have three snap choices; They are [Click] button, Gentle Shake and Point your phone down then up and repeat them two more times. The last two snap methods are not available at the same time; You should make you choice in advance. The first method is available at all time.

Using the first method, just touch the [Click] button to start camera preview. You can zoom at a target by press on the preview with some pressure. When you found the suitable zoom level just lightly touch the preview to hold the zoom level. Press the [Click] button again to have the photo taken.

Using the Gentle Shake method, you should learn to use less force and a little bit more time to make a snap trigger. There is a Shake_Shot strength indicator option you can use. The snap triggering threshold on the indicator is 10sssd.
With the indicator, it can help you to achieve this goal. When a snap is triggered, you have three options for notification; They are sound, vibration and toast which you can setup before hand. With this snap method, you can cancel it after it is triggered.
To cancel a triggered snap, just point the phone to the ground once immediately. There are two options for the cancel notification; They are sound and toast; Likewise, you can set it up in advance.

Using the third method, point your phone down then up and repeat them two more times. Note that there is a time limit between each pointing. You have the exact same snap triggered voiding notifications as the above method.

There are three flash mode options. They are Flash Off, Flash On and Flash Auto.
To select a flash mode, just click Menu then Preferences, the flash mode options are located at the front of the page and you can pick one out of them. 

There two methods to switch cameras; One is using menu and the other one is perform after a voiding snap.
Using the first method, click Menu then click Rear Camera or Front Camera.
Using the second method, trigger a snap by Shake_Shot then voiding it then hold the phone pointing ground for a few seconds. If successful, you will notify by a sound or a toast which you can set up in advance.


To cancel a Shake_Shot triggered snap, just point the phone to the ground once immediately after a Shake_Shot snap is triggered.

Click Menu then click Preferences then check or uncheck Enable_Shake_Shot_Snap checkbox
which governs Gentle_Shake and Point_Phone_Downward_Upward_3_Times both methods.
Only when the checkbox is check, you then can use these methods. Choose one method and make other notification choices.

Press on [Click] button and sliding on it until out side of the button.

Click menu, click [View Photos] then select a content provider then pick a photo from it to view. In our View Photos activity,  can magnify or shrink a photo and you can even start a slide show. When in slide show, you can pause slide show by press and hold on photo view, view previous photo by slide your finger on photo view from right to left, stop slide show to view a photo intensively by click on the white slim bar just on top of the photo view and select [Stop Slide Show] menu item; You can use [Start Slide Show] and [Continue Slide Show] menu items in the same way as above; [Continue Slide Show] continues the show from where we stop at while [Start Slide Show]  restarts slide show.

To make photos display faster in slide show mode, you just press or press hold on the bottom right corner of photo view. You will find that you have pressed the [Photo Gear] when you see photo is not moving while your finger move a little bit on the photo view.

You can play your photos list in time sequence or in reverse time sequence by click on white slim bar then select settings then choose your time sequence then start slide show.

While enjoying high resolution pictures, you can still save on your phone data flow usage by shrinking mail attached photos. To use this feature, click Menu, click Preferences, on Preferences page move to [Attached photo shrink to percentage:], slide the seek bar to a percentage you want and use the picture for an approximated idea. We are using width and height percentage; For example if your taken photo having a width of  640 and you set the [shrink to percentage] to 50%, you would got a shrunk photo having a width of about 320. The height works the same way. The total pixels of the shrunk photo would be quarter of that of the original photo.

You can can hide status bar to have more camera viewing spaces.
You can force screen on when you do not worry about battery and like to keep screen from dimming and shutting off.
Although you have shake notification when photo is taken, but you can still enable shutter sound if you like.
To setup these preferences just click Menu then Preferences then click on proper checkboxes and radio buttons to make your choices.


GPS use relatively more power, so if you are not using it, just uncheck it. Stop camera preview too if you are not using it. If you do not expect to use Shake_Shot any time soon, you can also uncheck Enable_Shake_Shot_Snap checkbox. Finally, if you need battery very badly, do not force screen on.


Option 1: Check the checkbox to keep service even when the app is close(Remember to reboot your phone); So you can always be able to take photo.

Option 2: Uncheck the checkBox to keep no service when the app is close; You have to open the app in order to take photo; However you can save battery with this option.



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