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FAQ for Bubble Level Digital:

Q. What is the purpose of the software?
A. Provides an alternative tool for measuring level, verticality and elevation angle other than traditional spirit level and protractor. You may seldom bring big tool around, but you are very likely to having a phone in hand. So have a phone means you always bring a tool with you.

Q. What special about the application?
A. It not only detects one direction level, but a whole plane in all direction in level at once. It is easier than bullseye level to make an object's surface level in all directions. It offer an Easy Elevation Angle Reading Option in vertical measurement mode. With this option enabled, use a phone to measure elevation angle become advantage.

Q. Should I set calibration for the application?
A. You probably should set calibration for I found that my phone needs that. I believe most phone needs to be calibrated. With proper calibrations, so you can improve your measurement accuracy.

Q. How to level an object's surface in one direction?
A. Turn on your phone , launch Bubble Level Digital, hold the phone on the surface of the object to be leveled. Align the phone in the direction that you want the object's surface to be leveled in. Adjust the object to have the bubble staying in the center of the main level indicator. Now you have done your job.

Q. How to level an object's plane in two dimensions?
A. Turn on your phone, launch Bubble Level Digital, hold the phone on the surface of the object to be leveled. Adjust the object to have all the bubbles in their indicator's center. Now you have leveled an object's plane in two dimensions.

Q. How to measure elevation angle of an object?
A. Turn on your phone, launch Bubble Level Digital, press menu button, select vertical measurement menu item, hold your phone up right, press phone's back against the side of the object to be measured. Then tilt the phone, so phone side is vertical to the ground. Now the reading is the right measurement.

Q. How to use the phone as protractor and draw an angle on a paper?
A. 1. Draw your angle baseline. 2. Tape it on wall or some vertical board with angle baseline horizontal. 3. Let one side of your phone against the paper vertically at the point (A) on the angle baseline that you want to draw the angle. 4. Turn the phone around point A untill you see the reading just as the angle you want then draw a line along the phone side to point A. And that is it.

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